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Class Descriptions

Tiny Dancers

Our Tiny dancer program is geared for pre-K aged children 3-4 years old. The classes focus on personal creativity, coordination, memory, Strength and control, communication skills and much, much more! In the Tiny dancer program the student will learn a dance that will perform in our annual recital. We offer a tiny ballerinas class, creative movement, tiny tappers/jazz and an acro/tumble/jazz class.

5-7 Year Old Combo Class

This class is a combo of two dance styles all in one class. Each student will learn two dance routines with one costume fee that will perform in our annual recital.

8-10, 8+, and 11+ Classes

Students will learn techniques in one dance style, learn one routine with steps they learned in class and will perform in our annual recital.

Adult Dance & Fitness Class

Adult classes are designed to be in a pressure free, fun, and fitness oriented atmosphere

Team Classes

Team classes are designed for the more serious student. All team students must take Ballet, Jazz technique and Lyrical.

Dance Style Descriptions


Students will learn classical ballet technique and terminology. The class will consist of traditional barre exercises, center work and across the floor.

Jazz Technique

Jazz Technique is a competition team class. Students will focus on basic jazz techniques in the center and across the floor. At the end of class students will learn a competition routine.

 Jazz/ Hip-Hop

This class is a mixture of classic jazz technique, stretching, jumps, leaps, turns and hip-hop pops, locks, tricks, isolations and choreography.


Students will infuse ballet dance warmups and exercises with modern dance techniques working on strength, control, movement and artistry.


This class enforces basic classical tap technique, coordination, and musicality. The class will start with a center/barre warmup, across the floor and various combos with different tap styles.

Acro /Tumble/Jazz

Our acro/jazz class is offered to our 7 and under students the class consist of basic acrobatic techniques such as; stretches, strengthening, and basic tumbling. The jazz portion of the class will infuse jazz technique with fun energetic dance combos and across the floor.


This class will take place in our big studio with a combination of early learning dance steps, obstacle courses, and fun creative dance time. This class is also a parent and me class!

Tiny Ballerinas

Fun traditional ballet class with stretches, across the floor and center.

Adult Tap/Jazz

Danced before? Always wanted to learn tap or jazz? Need a night out? Come check out our fun adult tap/jazz class. No previous dance experience necessary. 

Adult Hip-Hop

The class is an upbeat non-stop energetic class that will have your heart pumping from the moment you enter the studio until you leave.


This is our Baby Mommy/Parent and me class.

Children lean fun interactive dances to nursery rhymes and childrens songs while creating

a bond with thier guardian. The minimum age

to participate is 18 months.

Learn all of the latest hip-hop styles, freezes and moves in our fun energizing class!

Boys Only Hip-Hop & Tumble

Boys Only Hip-Hop: Classes are designed to for boys of all levels and experience. Students will learn up to date locks, pops, freezes, tricks, and styles.

Boys Only Tumble: All levels of tumblers welcome! Boys will learn how to tumble with  proper technique and also strength and conditioning.

Our acro/tumble program teaches children the proper techniques and excercises to learn cartwheels, roundoffs,handstands, front and back walkovers, front and back limbers, acrobatic balances and more!

Advanced Students will learn hand springs, aerials, back tucks and more!

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